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Love PsychicsLove is what makes the world go around, without love we would just be empty vessels without any purpose. In many cases people find it hard to find love, to love and many people also say that is harder to love again after being hurt in a relationship.

People who have yet to find spirituality within themselves will often make mistakes and hurt people during relationships but we as opened souls need to forgive and move on. Sometimes this process may be hard but all you have to do is ask the universe and have gratitude for what you have right now. There are so many aspects of love and relationships that we could delve into but for now I am going to keep it simple and offer you some psychic love advice. Please remember you always have free will and you can use these tips or just leave them … it’s within your power.

He ignores me and doesn’t pay attention like he used to ….
This is a simple one, a man is like a hunter yes even the couch potato men have hunting instincts within them and in order to keep them ‘alive’ you need to become somewhat elusive some of the time. So for example he has been cold towards you all week, on Friday evening pack your bags and stay at a hotel for two nights or your friend’s house. Remember to tell him you are just going out with the girls so he doesn’t think you have just upped and left. When you return there will be a candle lit dinner waiting!

Love Psychics

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)

We don’t do anything special anymore …
Speaking to a man never works, actions do. Think of somewhere you want to go like a Spa break or even a weekend get a way. If he doesn’t seem interested book the tickets for yourself and have a relaxing weekend away. He will soon get the idea that YOU want to do special things with or without him. He will soon be joining you on your weekend adventures.

Here are some other Psychic Love tips:

  • If he is being cold distance yourself and he will soon realize you are not available at every moment.
  • If you want the spark to be put back into your relationship you need to again use the distance tactic and make him chase you.
  • Do NOT chase a man for anything, if you have DIY that needs doing either do it yourself or pay a professional.
  • Do NOT nag at a man, if a man does something wrong take some time for yourself assess the situation then go away for the night – do not be too emotional.
  • Don’t allow a man to read your every move, he will become bored very quickly.
  • Be firm but do not shout or scream.
  • Keep your friends and family, do not lose them for a man.
  • Above all keep your independence.

Our Love Psychics have hundreds of hours of experience with relationship and love issues. Many of our customers solely focus on their love issues from when they will next find love to how to get your partner to be more loving. We can advise you in any area of love and relationships. God bless

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(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
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