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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has been around since earth was formed, it is part of us and we all posses it. Basically the law of attraction is based on the theory that you attract in life what you think about. This type of thinking has now been written in many commercially available books and last year a film was made dedicated to this spiritual way of thinking, however spiritualists have known for hundreds of years that if you think positively about what you want then the universe will bless you with it.

The Law of Attraction

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Everyone is affected by the Law of Attraction and most people do not even know that it is affecting them. We create our own reality and yet people who are going through hardships or are experiencing disappointments often blame god or just ‘think’ that they have bad luck on their side. In fact what is happening is that they are letting off negative energy into the universe thus the universe is then repaying them with negative experiences. Of course there are exceptions like children being hurt and people being killed however there are various different subjects that cover these issues and it is not something that I will go into detail here. All that said the power of the universe affects everyone and everything.

Many people think that if they think about something that they want then it will appear immediately. This is not how the law of attraction works, sometimes the universe makes you wait for things and sometimes they appear quickly. Sometimes the universe see’s that you may need to mature or experience different things before you are given what you want but rest assured you will be given what you want in universal time.

Thinking negative thoughts even negative thoughts about the Law of Attraction can place a block on the universe giving you what you want. You need to emit positivity in every area of your life. If you have fallen out with a work college either apologize or stop thinking in a negative way about them. Move on and be positive within your life, if you can’t bring yourself to apologize or the situation caused was not your fault close your mind off to the negative energies surrounding the situation.

The Law of Attraction can literally transform you life and give you everything you want, however you must re-pay the universe and have gratitude for what you received. You re-pay the universe by emitting positivity in every area of your life and you thank the universe with prayer.

A big part of the Law is to affirm every day of what you really want, so if you want more self confidence an example affirmation of this would be to say out loud that “I love and accept myself.” Then visualize yourself being totally happy within your body as it is at the moment, keep telling yourself that you are comfortable within your own skin. The universe will then provide you with an abundance of self confidence. This process works, I’ve done it and so has countless family and friends.

Please note that you shouldn’t ask the Universe for things out of desperation as what you will receive is desperate energy. Start affirming positivity today and allow the Law of Attraction to move you onto a path of spiritual happiness within your life.

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Crystal Information

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Crystals are used for many things including healing, psychic development, clairvoyance and matters of the heart. Crystals are excellent at absorbing and transmitting energies so it is important to approach them with a calm mind in order for the crystals work at their best. Crystals however are brilliant at cleansing away negative energies and allow you to follow your spiritual path in a more enlightened way.

Crystals are part of the earth and are 100% natural, they were formed thousands of years ago and have continued to evolve to the state that they are found in today. A lot of people believe that crystals are new age however they cannot be new age as they have developed within the earth and have grown with us for thousands of years.

Crystals need to be programmed in order to work efficiently and for their spiritual qualities to radiate into you. In order to program the crystal, hold the crystal tightly in your hand and allow your higher power to take control. Concentrate on how you wish the crystal to be used, for example will the crystal be used for love, healing or abundance? Repeat this procedure ten minutes for 7 days and watch how the crystal will spiritually transform and aid you with what you have asked.

You must keep your crystals safe especially once you have programmed them because once programmed they are yours uniquely. I would suggest keeping them in a safe wooden locked box so no-one but you can access them. Most crystals can be cleaned with salt and water but please check the instructions to ensure that you won’t damage your crystal in any way.

Another excellent way to ‘tune’ your crystals is to meditate with them. Meditation opens up your sub conscious and allows you to be more inviting to good energies around you thus allowing the crystals to take affect with your overall spiritual health.

Many Psychics and Clairvoyants also use Crystals to aid them with their readings. Crystals are said to stimulate Psychic Powers and connect you to the spirit world. However in order to use Crystals for Psychic development you must use a Psychic protection crystal at the same time. Crystals to use for this purpose are: Amber, Black Obsidian and Smokey Quartz.

In order to develop with Crystals you must do as much research as you can and find the crystals that best suit your requirements. There are some great books that describe their qualities and this should be somewhere to start on your journey with crystals.

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Do you have psychic ability?

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People within the Psychic community generally believe that all human beings have some sort of Psychic ability. Every now and again we all have thoughts of things before they happen, for example you could think about a friend you haven’t seen for ages and moments later as you are driving along you see that friend walking past. Or perhaps you haven’t spoken to a family member for some time and you are thinking about it and then they call you unexpectedly. I’m sure a lot of people reading this article will agree that we have all had these thoughts at times which are exactly what psychic thoughts consist of.

Psychic abilities occur through extra sensory perception, away from our basic five senses. If you want to improve your psychic abilities or look deeper into your spiritual self then you need to be able to believe and acknowledge that extra sensory perception exists.

How do I start obtaining my Psychic Abilities?

Practice makes perfect in every sense of the word and the same applies whilst tuning your psychic abilities. If you do not practice and make a conscious decision to hone in on your ESP then you won’t be able to consciously recognize when you are using your abilities. You also need to keep thinking of positive thoughts surrounding the idea of using your psychic abilities. This kind of thinking pattern eventually re-wires your brain and you start to constantly think in psychic mode. You do need to be calm and become conscious of your spiritual self; you need time away from the busy world so try meditation for around 10 minutes per day. You also need to obtain as much knowledge of the Psychic world because our brains are always open to learning and what we learn in turn can aid us with our ability.

How do I know when my Psychic Ability is working?

This can be the frustrating part! You have done all your homework and conditioned your psychic thoughts however when will your ability start to kick in? Well you need to be patient because our spiritual self works when it wants to and not on cue. However start testing as soon as you are confident. Start guessing who will call you next or what is on the TV right now. Start trying psychic readings on close friends and then move onto people you don’t know as well. Above all do not give up on your psychic side as it will come through you just need to practice, meditate and love yourself.

What types of Psychic abilities are there?

There are many and not all of us have these skills so don’t worry if you only posses one! The main psychic ability most people posses is the ability to see things before they happen. Of course we would all like to know the lottery numbers but the spiritual world has a funny way of ensuring that we only see information that is naturally beneficial to our mind, souls and body.

How can I speak to a Psychic?

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