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Soulmate Love Readings

Cheap Love & Life Readings
FROM 45p per minute! Call 0904 007 0994

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)

When it comes to love it is normal to have questions. Wondering whether your love connection is destined to last a lifetime, as well as at times needing to understand how your loved one really feels about you. We offer the best psychic lines in England to answer all of your questions. Our lines are competitively priced so you can have cheap love and & life readings whenever you are in need of advice from your spirit guides. Soul mate love readings will reveal not only the presence of your twin flame to you but will reveal how to strengthen your relationship with your love match to have the happy, healthy and harmonious relationship of your dreams. Our amazing love psychics have already assisted thousands of people in their conquest over love and cannot wait to reveal what love has in store for you!

Soulmate Love ReadingsSoul mate love readings will uplift you and will assist you in your pursuit of true love. Knowing that you may already be in a relationship with your ultimate love match can be a real blessing. Although when we are in a relationship with our perfect match, the relationship itself may not be as faultless. By calling the best psychic lines in England, you will be shown how to create balance in your relationship. The smallest of changes may be all that is needed to make all of your dreams come true. Often when it comes to love it may not be the love connection that is at fault when a relationship is under strain. Outside forces and pressures can crack even the strongest of bonds. When you have cheap love & life readings you will discover how to strengthen your relationship to survive any negativity coming your way hand in hand with your loved one. Knowing that your loved one really has your back in the most difficult of times will show you exactly how much they care for you!

For all of your love questions call the best psychic lines in England. With cheap love and & life readings, soul mate love readings and messages from your spirit guides you will be able to trust in love and enjoy all the beauty and happiness it has to offer.

Soulmate Love Readings
Call 0904 007 0994 (45p per minute)

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
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Find a Good Psychic

Find a Good Psychic
FROM 45p per minute! Call 0904 007 0994

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)

Genuine psychics use their god given gifts to work with energies both here on the earth plane and those in the spirit world, sometimes to answer long awaited questions and other times to channel messages from our loved ones who have passed over into the spirit world. We understand that it can be a difficult task to find a good psychic and that’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you. When you phone a psychic on our psychic lines you can be certain that you’re calling thorough to our top psychics that have been hand picked. Our talented psychics, mediums and clairvoyants are all experienced in working with spirit and when phone a psychic on our psychic phone lines you’ll feel the strength of the connection, the buzzing energy and your mind, soul and heart become calm and relaxed.

Find a Good PsychicTo find a good psychic isn’t easy because there are plenty of people claiming to offer psychic readings who don’t even give the caller a chance to feel connected, which is most important. This is often the case on the expensive psychic lines but the case is very different when ringing cheap psychic lines because our best online psychics are 100% committed to giving you the cheapest psychic readings based on the connection they make with you, your loved ones and their spirit guides. We’re proud to say we give the cheapest psychic readings from the best quality psychics because it gives everyone the chance to phone a psychic whenever they feel the need to seek answers from the divine goodness of the spirit world but it also means that once you find a good psychic you won’t have to worry about the extortionate cost to phone a psychic again because our low cost top online psychics are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sometimes we need to connect with loved ones in the spirit world to ask questions that weren’t answered while they were here with us on the earthly plane. The cloudiness surrounding family situations that are left unexplained can often lead to friction and unhappiness with those left here on earth and so many people choose to phone a psychic who can connect with loved ones in the spirit world to unravel the answers. Having the answers can make a world of difference to the family members and bring them so much closer after a period of grief and sadness.

It doesn’t matter what problems you need help with, our sensitive and fully trained top online psychics are on hand 24/7 to work with you to bring peace and harmony back into your life once again and with the cheapest psychic readings online it’s much easier than you think. Finding a good psychic to heal the pain and frustration in your life will leave you feeling completely refreshed. Just give our team of psychics, mediums and clairvoyants a call today and rediscover the clarity in your life. In just a few moments all the weight from your shoulders will be completely lifted.

Find a Good Psychic
Call 0904 007 0994 (45p per minute)

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
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Intuitive Psychics

Experienced & Intuitive Psychics Advice
FROM 45p per minute! Call 0904 007 0994

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)

Intuitive psychics offering full informative psychic readings online 24 hours a day. If you are not an expert or experienced within the Psychic field you can sometimes get confused with all the different names that Psychics call themselves depending on their skill or gift. It’s here that we are going to explain about Intuitive Psychics and let you know how they can help you with many issues within your life. Firstly Intuitive Psychics are somewhat different from normal Clairvoyants or Clairaudients who see and hear things that they then translate to whomever they are reading for. Intuitive Psychics can feel or known the feelings of the person that they are reading for so they can pick up on people’s feelings within their vicinity.

Intuitive PsychicsThe best thing about Intuitive Psychics is that not only can they pick up on your feelings but they can also pick up on those who are around you or close to you for example your spouse or your mother and this can really help when trying to fix family break ups. An Intuitive psychic reader may be able to tap into your feelings so perhaps you could be asking for a love reading regarding your partner and an Intuitive reader will be able to pick up on your sadness and depression, they will then be able to pick up on your partners emotions as well and will be able to reveal to you why he or she is acting cold towards you. This is really a fantastic gift that have assisted so many people over the years resolve conflict that was once the turmoil within their lives. A Intuitive Psychic can reach you on a personal level much deeper than a normal psychic or a tarot reader can, they are shown and can feel your emotions and they experience them at exactly the same time as you do. We have a fantastic set of readers who specialize in all things Intuitive, it is their gift that they want to pass onto you. They want to reveal why you are feeling these emotions, why you are experiencing this stress and what you can do to resolve it. Perhaps you have fallen out with a family member and it has hurt you deeply, you know that you are in the right and that is wasn’t your fault. Now picture the Intuitive Psychic reader telling you how your family member really feels and why they think that they are in the right. Armed with this information you can then figure out a resolve within your own mind and try to put the situation to bed.

Our Intuitive Psychic reading service is confidential and non judgemental, our readers do not probe or ask too many questions, they are just telling you what they feel from you and what the people closest to you feel as well. Out of all the Psychic gifts it has to be the one most personal and once that can help resolve issues in the present time. It is now your turn to experience this amazing gift and deal with any conflicts that you may be having within your life whether it be with your partner, family member or even perhaps co-worker. Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we always have readers on hand for you. Please remember this service is 100% confidential and is solely committed to revealing to you your emotions and why you are feeling the way you are.

Experienced & Intuitive Psychics Advice
Call 0904 007 0994 (45p per minute)

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
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Naturally Gifted Medium Readings

Experienced Medium and Psychics
FROM 45p per minute! Call 0904 007 0994

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)

Welcome to our world renown naturally gifted mediums giving the very best medium readings. The loss of a loved one is extremely painful, it’s a sorrow that never goes away; it can make life unbearable at times and make us feel very alone in the world. Losing someone makes us yearn and grieve for the loss in a way so profound that it can be hard to bear.

Naturally Gifted Medium ReadingsImagine if there really was a way to hear from your loved one again, to be able to connect, just to know that the person you have lost is ok, maybe you would like to say something to them, or hear a message very special to you, something to hold on to and give you comfort, our naturally gifted medium readings have given so many just peace of mind.

Here at Trusted Psychics, we have top psychics, who are trained and extremely gifted mediums that can connect to your loved ones. We don’t know how they do this, we just know that many, many people just like you who have yearned to connect just one more time have been able to through our top psychics and mediums.

Not only are these very gifted mediums but we offer you the cheapest trusted psychic mediums you can find. The reason we offer this service so cheap is because we want it to be accessible for you, we want to fill that void in your life and make it as cheap as possible for you to do so, but please don’t mistake cheap for anything less than the best, we really do have the UK’s and international top psychics who have years and years of experience at delivering messages, connecting to loved ones that have passed over and giving you the important messages and words of comfort that you need.
Imagine if just by simply calling one of our top psychics within minutes you could be hearing messages from that very person that you love. It’s all possible, it’s affordable and you control the phone call. Maybe you just want a quick message, that s fine or perhaps you prefer a much longer in-depth reading with our top medium psychics here, you decide, we are here to offer you a premium first class service at a very cheap price.

If you were to visit a psychic medium, not only would you have to pay a very high rate for the privilege but also have to bear in mind cost of travel and time, here with our cheapest trusted psychics all this is possible from the comfort of your own home by simply picking up your landline, or mobile if you wish and connecting to one of our top psychics. Psychic mediums understand the pain you feel, they can help guide you through this difficult period, our top psychics become mediums because of their own personal losses and somehow they have been given this gift to share with you.
We really do have the cheapest trusted psychic mediums here for you, the only thing you have to lose by contacting us is the sorrow you are feeling right now, please don’t feel alone, we care and we are waiting to take your call right now.

Naturally Gifted Medium Readings
Call 0904 007 0994 (45p per minute)

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
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Psychic Jobs

Do you have Psychic or Tarot Ability?

Would you like to work for a busy international Psychic and Tarot company? LiveLines UK is a well establish company specializing in the Psychic arts, they advertise internationally so are extremely busy 24 hours a day. LiveLines UK are recruiting Psychics, Mediums, and Clairvoyants, Spiritual Healers and Tarot / Angel card readers to work from the privacy of their own homes.

Psychic Jobs

Reader Requirements:

  • You must be over 18 years old
  • You must live in the UK, USA, Canada or Australia
  • You must have a landline telephone
  • You must have a spiritual ability

Benefits of working for LiveLines UK (Psychic Jobs):

  • Exceptionally busy service
  • Calls available 24 hours a day
  • Choose the hours you want to work
  • Paid every 2 weeks direct into your bank account
  • Real time statistics
  • Friendly guidance and support
  • Work from your own home

Do you have the Psychic gift? Are you friendly over the phone and able to listen to people’s problems? LiveLines UK NEEDS you today, join our Psychic Jobs and advise people with your spiritual abilities. Get started today and earn fantastic money from home. You choose your own hours, you set your own goals, our psychic and tarot jobs from home gives you the freedom to work when you want and for how long you want to.

To apply for a Psychic or Tarot Job, please Click Here. You can also view the psychic and tarot handbook by Clicking Here.

Psychic Jobs FAQ

Is this work legal?
Yes it is we have been operating for over 15 years and are regulated by the Phone Paid Services Authority.

How am I paid?
You are paid every two weeks on a Friday direct into your bank account.

How much can I earn?
You are paid between 16p to 21p per minute for your talk time. So for a 60 minute call at 21p per minute you would be paid £12.60.

When can I work?
You can work whenever you like, there are calls 24 hours a day. The callers do not know your telephone number and you only receive the calls when you want them.

How do I start?
Simply Click Here to start.


Love and Light
Psychic Jobs UK


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Angel Card Readings

Have your Angel Card reading done today
FROM 45p per minute!
Call 0904 007 0994

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)

Many people I have spoken to think that Angel Cards can only assist with love and relationship readings however this is not completely true. Although the cards are excellent for love readings they can also guide in all other areas of your life.

Angels and Spirit Guides are all around us however some people do not realize how to connect to them and ask them for the assistance they require. This is when Angel Cards come into play and allow all people to ask our protectors questions through the cards. You can connect to your angels through the cards and ask them anything you want.

Where do I start?

Well I always say go to a shop that sells Angel Cards and the first pack that attracts your eye is the pack that you should purchase. Our angels and spirits work in funny ways and what you are ‘attracted’ to first should be the direction you head. Take your cards home and look through them, take in the pictures and messages of each card and also read the information book which comes with the cards. Once you have looked through the cards and have connected yourself to them say a short blessing such as “Thank you angels for guiding me to these cards, please protect me and show me the answers to my questions through these cards.” Of course you can make up your own blessing but I always like to make the Angels know that I am thanking them for the assistance that they are going to provide me with.

Angel Card Readings

How to do an Angel Card reading?

There are two types of readings I like to do and they are:

3 card reading & a specific question reading.

The 3 card reading is past, present and future and the specific question reading is a one card reading.

I start by shuffling the cards and when I receive an instinct to stop I stop. I then ask the Angels my question or think about the subjects I would like to obtain information on and then I pick the three cards at random. I place the past card to my left side, the present card to my front and the future card to my right side. I then read the messages on the cards and see what message the angels are trying to get through to me. I also get quite strong energies whilst doing an Angel Card Reading, so if your mind is telling you, this message means this but your heart is saying no this is what it means always go with your heart thoughts. Always use your heart’s first instinct when it comes to what the messages mean.

The last three tips I will give you when it comes to Angel Reading is:

  • Always keep your Angel Cards safe, once you have blessed them they become yours personally and no one else should read from them.
  • Clear your mind of all negative emotions whilst performing a reading. A clear mind will give you the best outcome possible.
  • Have some fun, although the Angels are there to protect and guide you, you can have some fun as well. So don’t be too serious whilst reading because you will emit anxious energies.

See what the Angels want you to see ……..
Call 0904 007 0994 (45p per minute)

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
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Cheap Psychic Readings

45p PSYCHIC team call 0904 007 0994

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)

Cheap Psychic ReadingsIn this word of uncertainty sometimes we need direction and be able to take some time out to focus. We have developed a service that allows you to do just this. Our ‘cheap psychic readings’ service has been developed to allow people to access a low cost Psychic, Tarot and Medium service from their own homes. Many people consider these types of services as expensive and inaccessible but we now want to change this preconception and allow more people to speak to someone who specializes in the Psychic arts.

Our low cost Psychic service is exactly that – low in cost, however this doesn’t mean that we have removed any of the quality that you would normally expect during a compassionate and indepth reading. Our Psychic readers have been tested for their spiritual abilities so you can be confident in the knowledge that your reader will have the degree of ability that we require as a service provider.

“Thank you for my informative reading, a very good service.” Anne 34 London

Our cheap Psychic services cost 45p per minute from a landline and if you are calling from a mobile your network will add extra charges to call a premium rate number, so it’s always best to call us from a landline! We have over 200 readers all based in the UK ready to give you any Psychic advice that you require and if you’re reader is not available for any reason then you can always call us in the office on 0843 308 5511 and we can find out when they will next be on-line.

You can also view all of our available readers on-line at Trusted Psychics and you can also view their profile and PIN number. We offer affordable and clear readings from the privacy of your own home with an experienced reader of your choice. Our readers specialize in many different area’s including Clairvoyance, Tarot reading, Psychic reading, Mediumship and Angel Card readings.

A non-judgemental spiritual service for all your PSYCHIC & MEDIUM needs.
Call today on 0904 007 0994 (from 45p per minute)

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)

When calling to speak to one of our Psychics it is best to use the following tips as this will ensure that you receive the most detailed reading possible:

  1. Clear your mind – If you have strong emotions running through you then this may block your energy and the Psychic may not be able to connect to you. If you are feeling quite emotional for example you may be feeling upset or angry then try 10 minutes of meditation before calling to try and relax your mind.
  2. Know your question – If you would like a general reading then this is fine just let the reader know, but if you have something that is troubling you then the best solution would be to get a question together in your head so you know exactly what you want to ask when you speak to the reader.
  3. Choose the right reader – If you want to try and connect to a passed loved one then you need to speak to a Medium. So please ensure that you choose the reader with the correct abilities for your needs.
  4. Relax – Being too nervous may emit negative energies which may disturb your reading, especially during Medium readings.

Cheap Psychic Readings are a great way to advise you through life’s different paths. See your road ahead and be able to make wise choices based on your readings. Call us today.

CALL 0904 007 0994

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
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Psychic Scams

Don’t be fooled by fake Psychics

Psychic Scam

Many people have experienced bad Psychic readings which can sometimes give the Psychic community a bad reputation. Psychics cannot be verified by exams or qualifications which can unfortunately lead the way for unscrupulous readers to pretend that they have Psychic abilities. I have listed below some points you should look out for when having a reading.

Cold Readings

Many ‘fake’ Psychic readers use cold readings which is where they ask the client many questions to try and find out as much about the person as possible. Once they have found out certain facts about the client they will base their readings around these facts. They also use very generalized terms like “I can see a very tall man in your life at the moment, is that correct?” Of course most people know a tall man so these details are not really relevant to the reading. Cold readers also repeat a lot of information you have provided them with. For example the client says they have been in a bad relationship for some time and the cold reader would respond with “Yes that’s correct you have been through a rough time with your bad relationship and it is troubling you.” Superb Psychics would be able to tell you after speaking with you for a while that a bad relationship is what is troubling you without probing you with a thousand questions.

Scary or Bad Predictions

A few unscrupulous readers use the frightening trick of giving you scary or bad predictions. They do this to quite simply try to keep you dangling on the end of the phone so you can see how the prediction can relate to you. If you experience a reader who uses these tactics please ignore them unless you have used the reader successfully many times before and their predictions have come true.

Can’t make a connection

Some non genuine readers also state that they ‘cannot make a connection’ after speaking to you for a period of time. It is true that some readers cannot make a connection but this is in extreme cases where the client is showing pure anger or another strong emotion. This why it is important to clear your mind when speaking to a Psychic so they can make a strong connection to your consciousness. A reader who says they cannot make a connection when you are completely relaxed and you have spoken for a while is most probably a fake.

Trivial Information

A reader that gives you very non-descript information during your reading and has no basis to the reading is a strong indicator of an inexperienced or fake Psychic. For example if a reader says “I can feel that you are slightly uneasy within your life at the moment and you are not completely happy.” We can all pick up if a person is not happy by the tones in their voice so make sure when you have a reading that the reader gives you specific details once she / he has connected to you.

Above all if you are not feeling great about the reading you are having discontinue it straight away. Do not have a reading from someone you think isn’t Psychic as they will either give you no valid information or information that is incorrect.

If you would like to speak to an experienced Psychics, Mediums and Tarot Readers please call 0904 007 0994. We only charge from 45p per minute from landlines and our readers are available 24 hours a day.

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
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Palm Reading

Palm Readings

Palmistry or palm readings is the art of studying a person’s hand and giving an analysis of the future of that person and a clear insight into the person’s personality. Experienced palm reading is almost always done by an experienced palm reader who will be able to quickly locate the major lines within the appropriate hands and discuss with you what each line represents. Many people now use free website programs that allow them to scan their hands in for analysis, however this cannot be relied upon as being accurate.

Palm Reading

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)

Remember to be diligent with Palm Readers, there are some fantastic readers available but there are also some ‘fake’ readers which is a shame because reading ones palm can give you a tremendous amount of insight into your past and future.

Palm readings can be traced right back to ancient Greece and is thought to originate in China. Palm Reading is now used as a global tool for fortune telling and some Psychics also use this technique when performing a Psychic reading.

If you look at both of your palms you will notice that the lines on your palms are not the same on each hand. The general rule of thumb within Chinese palm reading is that Males under 30 years old should use their left hand for the primary reading and females under 30 should use their right hands. This is reversed once the person is over 30 years old.

There are many techniques that palm readers use however the most important lines they use are the heart, love, marriage, life and wisdom lines. These lines give the reader an in dept account of the person’s character and issues that may occur within their future path of life.

Some scientists have even stated that the lines on your hands definitely tell your life story just like the rings inside a tree trunk. Palm reading can be an intuitive tool that can guide many people to understand their reality and allow themselves to open up to their future paths.

What to do next?

Before paying for a Palm reading I would definitely purchase or borrow a book dedicated to Palm Reading so you understand how the reader will perform the reading and the different types of lines the reader can use. There some excellent informative books that are dedicated to Palmistry and are non biased towards the art of reading palms.

Should I use a scanner on a website?

If you want your palms read I would go to a proper reader with some customer testimonials backing up their reading ability. I would personally not use a website palm scanner because first of all not both of your hands are being looked at and the scanner could not guarantee that the results are not computer generated. In any case I would do further research on Palmistry before allowing anyone to provide me with a reading as the readings can be very revealing.

UK Psychic Readings from the comfort of your own home.
Call us today 0904 007 0994 and speak to a Psychic reader from the UK.
From 45p per minute from a land line.

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
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Love Psychics

Psychic Love Readers call 0904 007 0994 (from 45p per/min)

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)

Love PsychicsLove is what makes the world go around, without love we would just be empty vessels without any purpose. In many cases people find it hard to find love, to love and many people also say that is harder to love again after being hurt in a relationship.

People who have yet to find spirituality within themselves will often make mistakes and hurt people during relationships but we as opened souls need to forgive and move on. Sometimes this process may be hard but all you have to do is ask the universe and have gratitude for what you have right now. There are so many aspects of love and relationships that we could delve into but for now I am going to keep it simple and offer you some psychic love advice. Please remember you always have free will and you can use these tips or just leave them … it’s within your power.

He ignores me and doesn’t pay attention like he used to ….
This is a simple one, a man is like a hunter yes even the couch potato men have hunting instincts within them and in order to keep them ‘alive’ you need to become somewhat elusive some of the time. So for example he has been cold towards you all week, on Friday evening pack your bags and stay at a hotel for two nights or your friend’s house. Remember to tell him you are just going out with the girls so he doesn’t think you have just upped and left. When you return there will be a candle lit dinner waiting!

Love Psychics

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)

We don’t do anything special anymore …
Speaking to a man never works, actions do. Think of somewhere you want to go like a Spa break or even a weekend get a way. If he doesn’t seem interested book the tickets for yourself and have a relaxing weekend away. He will soon get the idea that YOU want to do special things with or without him. He will soon be joining you on your weekend adventures.

Here are some other Psychic Love tips:

  • If he is being cold distance yourself and he will soon realize you are not available at every moment.
  • If you want the spark to be put back into your relationship you need to again use the distance tactic and make him chase you.
  • Do NOT chase a man for anything, if you have DIY that needs doing either do it yourself or pay a professional.
  • Do NOT nag at a man, if a man does something wrong take some time for yourself assess the situation then go away for the night – do not be too emotional.
  • Don’t allow a man to read your every move, he will become bored very quickly.
  • Be firm but do not shout or scream.
  • Keep your friends and family, do not lose them for a man.
  • Above all keep your independence.

Our Love Psychics have hundreds of hours of experience with relationship and love issues. Many of our customers solely focus on their love issues from when they will next find love to how to get your partner to be more loving. We can advise you in any area of love and relationships. God bless

Compassionate Psychic Love Advice from carefully picked Psychic readers within the UK. Call today on 0904 007 0994 from 45p per minute.
All of our readers have been hand picked for their incredible ability.

(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
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