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People within the Psychic community generally believe that all human beings have some sort of Psychic ability. Every now and again we all have thoughts of things before they happen, for example you could think about a friend you haven’t seen for ages and moments later as you are driving along you see that friend walking past. Or perhaps you haven’t spoken to a family member for some time and you are thinking about it and then they call you unexpectedly. I’m sure a lot of people reading this article will agree that we have all had these thoughts at times which are exactly what psychic thoughts consist of.

Psychic abilities occur through extra sensory perception, away from our basic five senses. If you want to improve your psychic abilities or look deeper into your spiritual self then you need to be able to believe and acknowledge that extra sensory perception exists.

How do I start obtaining my Psychic Abilities?

Practice makes perfect in every sense of the word and the same applies whilst tuning your psychic abilities. If you do not practice and make a conscious decision to hone in on your ESP then you won’t be able to consciously recognize when you are using your abilities. You also need to keep thinking of positive thoughts surrounding the idea of using your psychic abilities. This kind of thinking pattern eventually re-wires your brain and you start to constantly think in psychic mode. You do need to be calm and become conscious of your spiritual self; you need time away from the busy world so try meditation for around 10 minutes per day. You also need to obtain as much knowledge of the Psychic world because our brains are always open to learning and what we learn in turn can aid us with our ability.

How do I know when my Psychic Ability is working?

This can be the frustrating part! You have done all your homework and conditioned your psychic thoughts however when will your ability start to kick in? Well you need to be patient because our spiritual self works when it wants to and not on cue. However start testing as soon as you are confident. Start guessing who will call you next or what is on the TV right now. Start trying psychic readings on close friends and then move onto people you don’t know as well. Above all do not give up on your psychic side as it will come through you just need to practice, meditate and love yourself.

What types of Psychic abilities are there?

There are many and not all of us have these skills so don’t worry if you only posses one! The main psychic ability most people posses is the ability to see things before they happen. Of course we would all like to know the lottery numbers but the spiritual world has a funny way of ensuring that we only see information that is naturally beneficial to our mind, souls and body.

How can I speak to a Psychic?

If you would like to speak to a Psychic please call 0904 007 0994 – we have Psychics on-line 24 hours a day ready to assist with any issues you may have.

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