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Many people I have spoken to think that Angel Cards can only assist with love and relationship readings however this is not completely true. Although the cards are excellent for love readings they can also guide in all other areas of your life.

Angels and Spirit Guides are all around us however some people do not realize how to connect to them and ask them for the assistance they require. This is when Angel Cards come into play and allow all people to ask our protectors questions through the cards. You can connect to your angels through the cards and ask them anything you want.

Where do I start?

Well I always say go to a shop that sells Angel Cards and the first pack that attracts your eye is the pack that you should purchase. Our angels and spirits work in funny ways and what you are ‘attracted’ to first should be the direction you head. Take your cards home and look through them, take in the pictures and messages of each card and also read the information book which comes with the cards. Once you have looked through the cards and have connected yourself to them say a short blessing such as “Thank you angels for guiding me to these cards, please protect me and show me the answers to my questions through these cards.” Of course you can make up your own blessing but I always like to make the Angels know that I am thanking them for the assistance that they are going to provide me with.

Angel Card Readings

How to do an Angel Card reading?

There are two types of readings I like to do and they are:

3 card reading & a specific question reading.

The 3 card reading is past, present and future and the specific question reading is a one card reading.

I start by shuffling the cards and when I receive an instinct to stop I stop. I then ask the Angels my question or think about the subjects I would like to obtain information on and then I pick the three cards at random. I place the past card to my left side, the present card to my front and the future card to my right side. I then read the messages on the cards and see what message the angels are trying to get through to me. I also get quite strong energies whilst doing an Angel Card Reading, so if your mind is telling you, this message means this but your heart is saying no this is what it means always go with your heart thoughts. Always use your heart’s first instinct when it comes to what the messages mean.

The last three tips I will give you when it comes to Angel Reading is:

  • Always keep your Angel Cards safe, once you have blessed them they become yours personally and no one else should read from them.
  • Clear your mind of all negative emotions whilst performing a reading. A clear mind will give you the best outcome possible.
  • Have some fun, although the Angels are there to protect and guide you, you can have some fun as well. So don’t be too serious whilst reading because you will emit anxious energies.

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(Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)
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