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Psychic Scam

Many people have experienced bad Psychic readings which can sometimes give the Psychic community a bad reputation. Psychics cannot be verified by exams or qualifications which can unfortunately lead the way for unscrupulous readers to pretend that they have Psychic abilities. I have listed below some points you should look out for when having a reading.

Cold Readings

Many ‘fake’ Psychic readers use cold readings which is where they ask the client many questions to try and find out as much about the person as possible. Once they have found out certain facts about the client they will base their readings around these facts. They also use very generalized terms like “I can see a very tall man in your life at the moment, is that correct?” Of course most people know a tall man so these details are not really relevant to the reading. Cold readers also repeat a lot of information you have provided them with. For example the client says they have been in a bad relationship for some time and the cold reader would respond with “Yes that’s correct you have been through a rough time with your bad relationship and it is troubling you.” Superb Psychics would be able to tell you after speaking with you for a while that a bad relationship is what is troubling you without probing you with a thousand questions.

Scary or Bad Predictions

A few unscrupulous readers use the frightening trick of giving you scary or bad predictions. They do this to quite simply try to keep you dangling on the end of the phone so you can see how the prediction can relate to you. If you experience a reader who uses these tactics please ignore them unless you have used the reader successfully many times before and their predictions have come true.

Can’t make a connection

Some non genuine readers also state that they ‘cannot make a connection’ after speaking to you for a period of time. It is true that some readers cannot make a connection but this is in extreme cases where the client is showing pure anger or another strong emotion. This why it is important to clear your mind when speaking to a Psychic so they can make a strong connection to your consciousness. A reader who says they cannot make a connection when you are completely relaxed and you have spoken for a while is most probably a fake.

Trivial Information

A reader that gives you very non-descript information during your reading and has no basis to the reading is a strong indicator of an inexperienced or fake Psychic. For example if a reader says “I can feel that you are slightly uneasy within your life at the moment and you are not completely happy.” We can all pick up if a person is not happy by the tones in their voice so make sure when you have a reading that the reader gives you specific details once she / he has connected to you.

Above all if you are not feeling great about the reading you are having discontinue it straight away. Do not have a reading from someone you think isn’t Psychic as they will either give you no valid information or information that is incorrect.

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